Klemens Hallmann


Hallmann Group

With its property developer SÜBA AG, Hallmann is one of the pioneers and innovation leaders in resource-saving and sustainable construction. The reduction of fossil fuels and the use of innovative and sustainable technologies such as geothermal energy, photovoltaics and thermal component activation are implemented consistently in the projects of Hallmann Holding and SÜBA AG. Hallmann integrates sustainable technologies and concepts not only in pioneering projects; the implementation thereof as a set standard for the entire real estate and construction industry is one of the crucial challenges for the future. Klemens Hallmann is an Austrian entrepreneur and investor. He is founder and sole owner of Hallmann Corporate Group, one of the larger Austrian group of companies, specialized in sales, renovation and development of real estate projects, in addition to a wide-ranging portfolio of investments including finance and film production. In March 2022, Klemens Hallmann was awarded the title of Honorary Senator (Ehrensenator) of the Vienna University of Technology. With his company HALLMANN Entertainment Company GmbH Klemens Hallmann also produced DreamScapes, a documentary film focusing on the beauty and diversity of “Mother Earth”. It is narrated by Academy Award®-winning actress Kate Winslet. Hallmann Holding has been a proud supporter of the AUSTRIAN WORLD SUMMIT since the very beginning in 2017.