16|05|23, Hofburg Vienna


The world faces multiple crises; after the COVID 19 pandemic a war in Europe has resulted in thousands of dead civilians, millions of refugees and surging fuel and food prices around the world. The insecure geopolitical situation affects the lives of everyone on different levels: Our supply of energy is threatened and inflation is roaring. The climate crisis seems to fall behind even though climate change showed its devastating effects in many regions in the last years.

Some of us feel overwhelmed – however, we have the power to solve these challenges and change the way we live and produce towards the better. No more “we could”, “we should” or “someone would need to…” but rather use the momentum to implement and put those concrete climate actions and solutions in motion is the way forward. Join us and feel empowered to overcome the challenges of our time: A famous quote from Terminator – “There is no fate but what we make for ourselves”.


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Silvia Schneider and Matt Iseman, Presenters
Monika Langthaler, Host AUSTRIAN WORLD SUMMIT

Alexander Van der Bellen, Federal President

António Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Founder AUSTRIAN WORLD SUMMIT

A growing number of militaries and national security communities around the world are concerned about climatic changes and their effects on global stability, conflict and peace missions. Increased competition over natural resources, loss of livelihoods, climate-related disasters, and forced migration and displacement are only a few examples for the security issues at hand. How can we best identify, prevent and respond to climate-related security risks? Which solutions can help with peacekeeping, peacebuilding and stabilisation? 

Security experts, climate scientists and NGOs around the world urge for quick actions. To reach the agreed climate goals we need to speed up their projects to reduce greenhouse gases and to reduce pollution. In only one year Europe managed to become less dependent of Russian gas in a tremendously short amount of time. The way forward is clear – towards renewable energies. The same response is needed to face the climate crisis in general. What needs to be done? What are the powerful actions to secure clean and green energy supply and meet the climate targets? Who has the responsibility (power) for a peaceful transition towards a cleaner and greener future?

The world’s population is growing and with that the demand for resources. Our current linear economy continually increases its demands of (scarce) natural resources. This leads to increased pollution, increased use of soil and water and more waste, to name a few consequences.

The concept of circular economy is one way of addressing how we use resources and an answer towards climate change mitigation. By using and consuming in a more circular way, we can substantially reduce the impact of human (economic) activities on the environment. Experts consider built environment, transport, food system and clean energy as the most relevant sectors for circular economy strategies. Find out more how experts and business leaders address circular economy in their specific environment.

The Eurovision Song Contest winners 2022 Kalush Orchestra will perform live on stage at the AUSTRIAN WORLD SUMMIT! The Ukrainian band raises awareness for their war-torn home country. We want to show our continued support for the people of Ukraine and send a strong message for peace.

The AUSTRIAN WORLD SUMMIT has always served as a platform for green matchmaking. Once again, we want to present best practice climate action projects for everyone to get inspired for climate action.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Founder AUSTRIAN WORLD SUMMIT

Alexander Van der Bellen, Federal President, Republic of Austria

Monika Langthaler, Host, Director Schwarzenegger Climate Initiative

Join us for a great and fruitful networking session with our speakers to advance climate action!

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