Nidhi Pant

Founder and CEO

S4S Technologies

Nidhi Pant is Co-Founder of Science For Society – S4S Technologies. Nidhi works at the intersection of agriculture, gender, energy access and financial inclusion. At S4S she leads – Finance and Partnerships. S4S Technologies provides smallholder farmers with solar-powered food preservation & processing capabilities at the farm gate. Much of India’s rural population relies on smallholder farming for their income and livelihoods. But every year about 30% of agricultural produce is wasted before it leaves the farms. S4S converts the cosmetically damaged produce (which would go wasted) into food ingredients using solar powered food processing system, aggregates processed produce from the farmers and sells this to the food & beverage industry as food ingredients. S4S can process a wide variety of materials – vegetables, fruits, spices, marine products, milk – without using coal/wood or electricity thus preventing food wastage and CO2 emissions.   Through processing at the farm gate, S4S enables women farmers to increase their profits by 2 times and come out of poverty. S4S is democratizing food processing for smallholder women farmers by transforming farmers into food processors and helping them earn dignified livelihood and building climate resilience. S4S helps 2000 women farmers increase their household income by 2X.S4S works with 100k farmers in 400 villages in India and reduces 60k Tons of food from getting wasted annually and also reduces 300k Tons of CO2 from entering the environment.