1. February 2021


An aid project in Ethiopia by “Jugend Eine Welt” is making a sustainable impact: At the Bosco Children Center near the capital Addis Ababa, former street children are given a new perspective. They are not only given emotional support and social care, but – depending on their age – receive regular school lessons or vocational training. The Bosco Children Center relies primarily on sustainable, future-oriented areas and technologies. There are courses and training courses on local vegetable and food production as well as on renewable and decentralized energy supply. The number of street children in Ethiopia has increased significantly over the past twenty years. An estimated 17,000 children live unaccompanied in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa. The Bosco Children Center not only cares for the future of these children and adolescents, but also lays an important foundation for the future of Ethiopia and thus contributes to a “green recovery” from the difficult situation in this African country, which has worsened by the corona crisis. The actions create an efficient system of rehabilitation and social reintegration. The project has particularly impressed the Schwarzenegger Climate Initiative, which is why we will continue supporting it.