5. September 2019


A “hot” track – and it leads to the topic of climate change! Yesterday (Sept. 4, 2019) the well-known Austrian crime writer Eva Rossmann presented her latest work together with The Schwarzenegger Climate Initiative Director Monika Langthaler. In “Heißzeit 51” a climate activist is murdered and the hunt for the murderer is also an update on the topics of climate change and populism.

Monika Langthaler was pleased with the choice of the topic, because it is extremely important “that the issue of climate change finally comes out of the bubble of the environment movement”. Eva Rossmann underlined: “The current huge interest in the climate crisis is hopefully not just a hype. Because the climate crisis doesn´t have to be a hype. After all, it’s about our future!” It was difficult for her to reduce the information and facts to an acceptable level for a crime thriller. Because “Heißzeit 51” should indeed tell about the topic, but not teach the reader. By the way: The AUSTRIAN WORLD SUMMIT is also mentioned in the book!