Discover Innovations: Be part of the AUSTRIAN WORLD SUMMIT Solutions Expo 2024

On June 20, 2024, Arnold Schwarzenegger will invite high-ranking national and international guests to his annual climate conference, the AUSTRIAN WORLD SUMMIT (AWS), at the Vienna Hofburg for the eighth time. This year’s motto: “Be Useful: Tools for a Healthy Planet”.

In keeping with the motto, there will be an exciting new element as part of the conference: the AUSTRIAN WORLD SUMMIT Solutions Expo. Around 35 exhibition stands from companies, NGOs, start-ups and organizations will present a variety of innovative environmental solutions on an exhibition area of 620 m² on the ground floor of the Hofburg. The AUSTRIAN WORLD SUMMIT Solutions Expo is open to all visitors free of charge and invites them to actively participate in the movement for a sustainable future. It provides a platform to explore and promote practical approaches and tools for a healthy environment. The aim is to inspire a broad audience for climate protection and to show what is already possible.

Want to buy a stand? For more information about the AWS Solutions Expo get in touch with Rosa Hauser ( via email for all the details!