13. Dezember 2023


On the occasion of the current UN climate conference in Dubai, the AWS Solutions Hub hosted a COP28 themed day at its newly renovated estate in Asparn an der Zaya. The event, marked by insightful presentations, interactive Q&A sessions, a live broadcast to Dubai, and engaging discussions, facilitated a vibrant exchange among a diverse group of guests, from experts to entrepreneurs and climate activists.

Monika Langthaler, Director of the AWS Solutions Hub, a seasoned attendee of UN conferences for the past 25 years, provided guests with a comprehensive overview of past COPs. Furthermore, she delivered fresh insights from the ongoing negotiations in Dubai, having recently returned from the global climate gathering. The event featured high-profile speakers offering valuable perspectives on the current status of European and national achievements, relevant laws, and important topics such as energy storage and energy communities.

Notable among the speakers was Thomas Becker, Head of Sustainability at the BMW Group, who joined the event via a live call from Dubai, underscoring the global collaboration in addressing climate challenges. In addition, Raiffeisen Vienna – Lower Austria showcased their commitment to sustainable energy practices through their best-practice example, Auri.

Since May 2023, Raiffeisen Vienna – Lower Austria has been providing electricity sourced from 100% renewable and regional energy sources. This initiative includes harnessing energy from various regional and renewable sources such as wind, water, sun, and biomass, creating a robust supra-regional energy network. Members of the Auri community can not only access individual energy sources but also contribute their energy to the collective network.

The COP28 Info-Day at the AWS Solutions Hub was a full success and stands as a testament to the collective efforts and commitment to advancing sustainable practices, fostering collaboration, and shaping a greener future for all.