26. April 2018


Transportation is one of the largest and a growing sector for increasing energy demand and CO2-emissions: with a share of 29 percent, it contributes significantly to greenhouse gas emissions in Austria. In the EU is about 25 percent, globally the share of this sector is approx. 15 percent. In order to achieve our climate targets, urgent measures must be taken in the transport sector. A climate friendly infrastructure and a sustainable design our mobility system is therefore a particular priority.

The AUSTRIAN WORLD SUMMIT wants to underline the important role of public transport in this context: For this reason, a specially branded tram is now on the way in Vienna. This not only draws attention to our conference, but also encourages climate-friendly transportation with its slogan: „Umwelt schützen – Bim benützen“ (Protect the environment – use the tram).

Vienna City Councillor Ulli Sima and Wiener Linien joined as partners for the branding of the tram. The AUSTRIAN WORLD SUMMIT Bim will run until May 22nd.