22. October 2019

European Culture Prize

We are thankful and proud, that the AUSTRIAN WORLD SUMMIT got honoured with one of the most important awards in Europe. On October 20th, Monika Langthaler Director of The Schwarzenegger Climate Initiative, received on behalf of Arnold Schwarzenegger the European Culture Prize in the category “environmental protection” during a magnificent ceremony at the Vienna State Opera. This award strengthens our ambition and resolution to work on solutions and to connect as many people as possible for climate action.

“This evening has shown me once again, what people are capable of doing in a positive way” emphasized Langthaler in her speech. “The ecological crisis might appear overwhelming, yet we do already have the solutions in our hands. We must make use of our brain and heart to save the planet for our children and grandchildren. And this is exactly what we want to do.”

As Arnold Schwarzenegger, initiator of the AUSTRIAN WORLD SUMMIT, couldn’t join the event himself, he sent a video message for the audience. “There are still too many people who didn’t take the climate crisis seriously enough, for example our politicians”, he declared. “Still, the worldwide climate protests give me hope, that we are on the right track. What we need is more persuasive power.”