14. September 2018


The AUSTRIAN WORLD SUMMIT is part of an ever-growing community. We have outlined the most important milestones of this global process in a timeline up to our next conference on 28 May 2019 – also to clearly emphasize that the AUSTRIAN WORLD SUMMIT is not a one-day event.

What has been going on since the last conference?
We just finished the first phase of the postprocessing: We have summarized all immediate results from the sessions of the second AUSTRIAN WORLD SUMMIT in May, 2018.

What are the next steps?
For the submission to the Talanoa Dialogue our results will be synthesized and structured along the guiding questions. In a more comprehensive follow up report we will go more into detail which also brings us important inputs and questions for the next AUSTRIAN WORLD SUMMIT in May, 2019.

About the milestones
As representatives of the AUSTRIAN WORLD SUMMIT we will visit the next important events as further milestones in the run-up to COP24 in Poland: The European Forum Alpbach, the Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco and the Climate Week in New York amongst others.