2. February 2023


The motto of the annual climate conference on May 16th is “We have the power”.

(Vienna, 2.2.2023) On May 16th 2023 climate heroes from all over the world will gather for the seventh time at the international climate conference, the AUSTRIAN WORLD SUMMIT. The motto for 2023 is “We have the Power”. Besides host Arnold Schwarzenegger and Federal President Alexander Van der Bellen, Federal Minister Leonore Gewessler and her counterpart from Pakistan, Sherry Rehman, and many more will attend.

“It’s time for all of us to stop talking to people about what they have to lose and start talking to people about what they have to win. We will do this again at this year´s AUSTRIAN WORLD SUMMIT at the Hofburg in Vienna. Each and every one of us has more power than we know, and together, we can terminate pollution and build a clean future for the next generation,” host Arnold Schwarzenegger said.

Focus on networking
The focus of the conference this year will be on the current geopolitical situation and its major influence on how we deal with the climate crisis. The attention on the topic seems to be falling behind, despite devastating effects in many regions of the world. This discussion will be followed by solution-oriented approaches such as circular economy, green building and climate and environmentally friendly urban planning. The afternoon will be dedicated even more intensively than in previous years to networking and bringing together young and innovative ideas with established, strong international companies.

“We noticed last year in particular how much it motivates people to exchange ideas directly and to get to know concrete successful projects and cooperations. That’s why we will work more intensively in exactly this direction. And instead of “We should, we ought to, someone ought to”, I would like to hear a lot of sentences with “We already have, we do, you already know…”. I am looking forward to having many climate heroes with us again,” says Monika Langthaler, Director of the AWS and the Schwarzenegger Climate Initiative.

Background information:
Arnold Schwarzenegger has been fighting against environmental pollution for over 20 years. The “Schwarzenegger Climate Initiative” aims to raise awareness of the climate crisis, present concrete solutions from around the world and encourage people to take action. The initiative shows the general public that there is still hope and that every individual, every company, every country and every region can make a contribution and be part of the solution. The annual climate conference, the AUSTRIAN WORLD SUMMIT, is the centrepiece of the Schwarzenegger Climate Initiative and has become one of the largest climate conferences in the world since 2017. The summit, which will take place for the seventh time in 2023, provides a platform to present concrete solutions and measures and to bring people together.