23. March 2024


Los Angeles, March 23, 2024 – As the U.S. elections loom on November 5th, California faces a pivotal environmental referendum. The 2022 enacted law (SB1137) regulates oil and gas drilling, prohibiting new drilling within a 3,200-foot radius (approximately 975 meters) of residences, schools, nursing homes, and hospitals. Companies are also mandated to adhere to strict health, safety, and environmental standards. However, this law is now under threat.

The oil lobby has launched a campaign to overturn these regulations. The “Stop the Energy Shutdown” committee leads the campaign to repeal SB 1137, having already spent $20,130,338.00. Big Oil has contributed nearly $53 million to this campaign and is projected to spend over $200 million by November.

On Friday, March 22, 2024, a coalition of supporters of the law rallied in a joint event. Alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jane Fonda, and Governor Gavin Newsom, Monika Langthaler, Director of the Schwarzenegger Climate Initiative, was present. The collective campaign aims to ensure the veto referendum is not accepted. Currently, over 2.7 million Californians reside within the 3,200-foot buffer zone, with 70% being people of color. Additionally, more Californians work near these drilling sites, whether in the oil industry itself or in schools, healthcare facilities, and various other professions.

“The Schwarzenegger Climate Initiative advocates for climate and environmental protection worldwide and is well-connected and active in the U.S. We will support the new campaign to protect people and the planet with all our strength,” stated Monika Langthaler at the event held yesterday in Los Angeles.

This concerted effort underscores the urgent need to address environmental concerns and the determination of these prominent figures to combat the influence of Big Oil.